Ngo Dinh Diem (1901 -1963)

President of South Vietnam from 1955 until his assassinated by army officers in 1963.

This caricature accompanied the following articles that appeared in The Militant:

February 4, 1963: "General Sees Rough Go in 'Nasty' Vietnam War" by Fred Halstead.

February 25, 1963: "A War of Oppression - Facts on U.S. Role in South Vietnam" by M. Jean Simon -translated from the January 11, 1963 Belgian paper, La Gauche.

April 15, 1963: "Bertrand Russell Brands U.S. Guilty in Vietnam" by Barry Sheppard.

March 2, 1964: "View From Paris - Did U.S. Engineer Latest Vietnam Coup?" - originally appeared in World Outlook.

November 9, 1964: "DeBerry Calls on S. Vietnam To Spare Doomed Student" by David Herman.

February 1, 1965: " 'How Much Blood Will We Waste?' - Senator Morse on Vietnam War." -originally appeared in the magazine section of the January 17, 1965 New York Times.

September 27, 1965: "An Invaluable Antiwar Handbook - The Documented Record on Vietnam" - book review by Dick Roberts.