J. Edgar Hoover (1895 - 1972)

Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1924 until 1972.

This caricature illustrated the following articles that appeared in The Militant:

October 29, 1962: "Inside the FBI" by Ruth Porter.

September 9, 1963: "Uninvited Guests at Justice Dep't" -sidebar to article, "N.Y. Times Offers Negroes Free Advice - Takes Dim View of Freedom Now Party" by Tom Kerry.

October 5, 1964: "McComb Cops Try to Pin Racist Bombing on Negroes" by Ed Smith.

November 16, 1964: "Mississippi 'Justice' - How They Handle Racist Murders."

January 11, 1965: "FBI Chief Smears Police Review Boards - Ignores Mounting Brutality by Cops" by Tom Leonard.

March 1, 1965: " 'Plot' To Bomb Statue of Liberty - Role of Police Agent Bared" by Barry Sheppard.

May 3, 1965: "What Was Role of FBI's Man In Murder of Mrs. Liuzzo?" by William Bundy.

June 14, 1965: "Reviews and Reports [book review] - 'The FBI Nobody Knows' by Fred J. Cook" -Vincent Hernandez, reviewer.

June 28, 1965: "Behind Smear Attacks On Teach-In Movement" by Farrell Dobbs.

December 6, 1965: "Southern Juries Free Racist Killers; LBJ Offers Token Action -Next Year" by David Herman.