Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908 - 1973)

Vice President of the United States who became President upon the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. He chose not to run again for reelection in 1968.

This caricature appeared in The Militant with the following articles:

March 11, 1963: "Dominican Cops Attack Students."

February 3, 1964: "Hearing On Medicare Bill - The Need and the Fear Are Dire" by Marvel Scholl.

June 1, 1964: "Senate Liberal Pull Rights Bill Swindle" by Charles Taylor.

August 24, 1964: "Vietnam Attack Proves Johnson As Trigger-Happy as Goldwater - Gulf of Tonkin Raid Shows Urgent Need For Socialist Vote" by George Saunders.

October 5, 1964: "More Big-Business Tycoons Lining Up Behind Johnson - See him Best Bet To Keep Unions, Negroes in Line" by Barry Sheppard.

November 9, 1964: "Voters Slam Ultra-Right But Workers Will Still Get Short End of Stick" by Harry Ring.

March 1, 1965: "Johnson Still Maintains Secrecy on Vietnam Plans" by Fred Halstead.

May 10, 1965: "Washington Fears Dissenters - Students Smeared on Vietnam" by Jack Barnes.

June 7, 1965: "A Modest Proposal - An Open Letter to Johnson" - Ramparts Magazine.

September 13, 1965: "Steel Union President Knuckles to Johnson" by Fred Halstead.

December 13, 1965: "Johnson vs. McChesney Martin - The Hike in Interest Rates" by Herman Porter.

September 26, 1966: "Curb on Corporations? - Johnson's Anti-Inflation Move" by Dick Roberts.

December 14, 1966: "Guess Which Half of Wage-Price Controls Really Works" by Dick Roberts.