John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963)

President of the United States from 1960 until his assassination on November 22, 1963.

This caricature illustrated the following articles that appeared in The Militant:

June 18, 1962: The Market Gyrations - Do Stocks Signal Economic Crisis?" by Art Preis.

August 27, 1962: "Kennedy Skips Vital Facts In Talk on U.S. Economy" by Art Preis.

November 12, 1962: "The 'Worker' Smears A Socialist Peace Ticket" by Harry Ring.

December 27, 1962: "Kennedy Steps Up Cold-War Moves" by Fred Halstead.

January 21, 1963: "James Baldwin on Radio Show Blasts Persecution of Worthy."

March 4, 1963: "Strikebreaker Kennedy" -An Editorial.

September 16, 1963: "President Is 'Patient' With Alabama Racist" by George Lavan.

October 7, 1963: "The Two-Party Trap - Labor's Failure Is Proof Negroes Can't Gain from Democrats" by Tom Kerry.

November 25, 1963: "One Man's Dream - A Speech That Didn't Follow Kennedy's" by William F. Warde.