Robert Strange McNamara (1916 - )

United States Secretary of Defense from 1961 to 1968.

The caricature accompanied the following articles from the pages of The Militant:

January 7, 1963: "An American Century? - Revolutionary Specter Haunts Yankee Imperialism" by Tom Kerry.

December 30, 1963: "GIs Facing Grim Prospect Of Extended War in Vietnam" by Steve Graham.

April 13, 1964: "Johnson Maintains 'Option' Of Attacking North Vietnam" by Constance Weissman.

May 25, 1964: "U.S.-Vietnam Commuter - Are McNamara Trips Losing War?" by Joseph Keller.

February 8, 1965: "Facts About Pentagon."

May 31, 1965: "Pentagon Pushes Vietnam Build-Up" by David Herman.

June 14, 1965: "A Barbaric Aggression - U.S. Napalm Burns Vietnam Peasants Alive" by Barry Sheppard.

November 29, 1965: "Casualties Continue To Mount - Guerrillas Pound GIs" by Dick Roberts.

January 3, 1966: "The Vietnam Escalation: How it Developed" by Dick Roberts.

March 14, 1966: "China's Nuclear Potential Is Used by U.S. as Pretext For Huge S.E. Asia Build-Up" by Dick Roberts.

November 14, 1966: "U.S. Escalation Plans Revealed by Pentagon."