George Meany (1894 - 1980)

President of the American Federation of Labor (AFL) from 1952 until its merger with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). He then served as the first President of the merged organization from 1955 until his retirement in 1979.

This caricature accompanied the following articles from the pages of The Militant:

October 1, 1962: "AFL-CIO Chiefs Call For 35-Hour Week" by Tom Kerry.

October 21, 1963: "UAW president Walter Reuther has come out on the short end..." -The National Picket Line column.

November 4, 1963: "Wanted: New Name for Labor Bureaucrats" by George Breitman.

November 25, 1963: "AFL-CIO Convention Seeks to Avert Anger Of Civil-Rights Forces" by Fred Halstead.

August 10, 1964: "With Union Brass All Lined Up: Dems Offer Labor Nothing--Maybe Less" by Tom Kerry.

January 11, 1965: "Labor and the 'Great Society' - Johnson's Shell Game on Taft-Hartley" by Tom Kerry.

May 17, 1965: "Meany Hurls Mud Bucket At Anti-War Movement " by Alex Harte.

October 25, 1965: "The Pay-Off For AFL-CIO Tops - The Non-Repeal of 14-B" by Fred Halstead.

January 31, 1966: "Lessons of the New York Transit Workers Strike" by Farrell Dobbs.

April 4, 1966: 'Speak Bitterness' Sessions - AFL-CIO Brass Berates LBJ" by Tom Kerry.