Dean Rusk (1909 - 1994)

United States Secretary of State from 1961 to 1969 under Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Among other things, he was best known as the leading spokesperson for the Vietnam War policy in the Johnson administration.

This caricature accompanied the following articles from The Militant:

January 7, 1963: "An American Century? - Revolutionary Specter Haunts Yankee Imperialism" by Tom Kerry.

February 11, 1963: "Arrogant Kennedy Line Tumbles Canadian Gov't" by George Lavan.

March 4, 1963: "Canadian People Don't Like Banana-Republic Treatment" by Ross Dowson.

July 22, 1963: "As Buddhist Protests Resume - Another Suicide Rocks U.S.-Backed Diem Regime" by Steve Graham.

January 6, 1964: "State Dep't Rapped by ACLU For Its Snooping Practices."

January 11, 1965: "U.S.-Saigon Forces Hit by Setbacks and Crises" by George Saunders.

September 30, 1965: "Mass Bombing of Vietnam--Deadly Gases Next?" by Dick Roberts.

November 22, 1965: "American Casualties Mounting in Vietnam" by Dick Roberts.

December 6, 1965: "More Revelations and Admissions - In Washington They Lie Like Thieves" by Harry Ring.

June 20, 1966: "Cuban Paper Offers Proof -New Facts on Slaying of Sentry" -World Outlook.

January 3, 1967: "N.Y. Times Correspondent Explodes U.S. Lies About Bombing of Hanoi" by Dick Roberts.

April 17, 1967: Quinidine Swindle - Pay or Die."