Sukarno or Soekarno, Achmed (1901 - 1970)

President of Indonesia from 1945 to 1967.

This caricature the following articles from the pages of The Militant:

January 25, 1965: "Indonesia Jolts Western Powers - Withdrawal from UN Blow to Imperialists" -World Outlook.

February 22, 1965: "Bombings Evoke Int'l Protests" by Barry Sheppard.

October 25, 1965: "Analysis of Events in Jakarta - Military Takes Over in Indonesia" -World Outlook.

November 15, 1965: "Drive Against the Left - Indonesian Witch-Hunt Deepens" -World Outlook.

March 7, 1966: "The Indonesian Events - Sukarno in Move Against Right" -World Outlook.

April 11, 1966: "Declaration of the 4th International on Indonesia."

October 3, 1966: "An Indonesian Communist Analyzes His Party's Defeat" by T. Soedarso.

October 10, 1966: "Views of An Indonesian Communist - The PKI's Program" by T. Soedarso.

February 9, 1967: "The Indonesian Debacle and World Socialism" by Joseph Hansen.