Robert F. Wagner, Jr. (1910 - 1991)

Mayor of New York City from 1954 to 1965.

This caricature illustrated the following articles from The Militant:

September 17, 1962: "Reform Dems In N.Y. Get Double Cross."

February 18, 1963: "Printers Vote 4-1 To Aid N.Y. Strike" by Jack Katz.

April 29, 1963: "Wagner's Sales Tax Hike A New Bite on Poor People."

December 2, 1963: "A Cop Says CORE Is Hypocritical - Calls Anti-Brutality Protest 'Hate-Rousing' " by Jay Garnett.

January 13, 1964: "Court Victory A Big Boost - Harlem Rent Strike Spreads" by Leroy McRae.

March 9, 1964: " 'Silent March' in New York - Puerto Ricans Demand End to School Bias" by Adam Knox.

June 29, 1964: "N.Y. School Protest Leader Charged With Violating Law" by Vincent Hernandez.

September 28, 1964: "Busy Bigots - The New York School Boycott" by Al Solomon.

November 23, 1964: "New York Housing Parley Plans to Organize Tenants" by David Herman.

January 18, 1965: "Setback For Strike-Breaking in New York - Social Workers Defy Legal Threats."

February 8, 1965: "N.Y. Welfare Strike Scores Modest Gains" by James Barrett.

February 22, 1965: "N.Y. Court Sets Review of Whitmore 'Confession' " by Herman Chauka.