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Bob Mattingly

Button Exhibit

During his almost fifty years as a revolutionary socialist and trade-union activist, Bob Mattingly saved buttons from the defense committees, demonstrations, campaigns, and strikes he supported and participated in. In the summer of 2004, the Holt Labor Library was the very grateful recipient of Bob's archives, which included his button collection, numbering almost one hundred.

To honor Bob's memory and contribution, we are pleased to present an exhibit of a small, but representative, sample from his beloved collection.

We would like to thank Ethel Mattingly, Bob Mattingly's partner and wife, for her tireless help in assembling Bob's papers, books, periodicals, video tapes, ephemera, and memorabilia for transfer to the Holt Labor Library.

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Labor Buttons

Bob Mattingly: A Life Spent in the Service of the Working Class by Jeff Mackler

Bob Mattingly (1933-2004): Revolutionary Class Struggle Militant by Nat Weinstein

'Goodbye Bob' by Bill Slater

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Political Buttons

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