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Cost of the War in Iraq
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Alternative War News | Background Information | Bibliography | Civil Liberties | Organizations | Photos, Audio, & Video | Posters | Youth & the Military


Hands Off Venezuela -
San Francisco Bay Area Hands Off Venezuela -
International campaign "to defend the Bolivarian revolution, to oppose US intervention in Venezuela and to ensure that truthful information about what was really happening in Venezuela would reach the trade union and labour movement outside."

Venezuela Solidary Network -
"involves a diversity of solidarity, progressive and left organisations Australia-wide. These organisations have come together to coordinate Australian solidarity activities with the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela."

Bay Area United Against War -
"an emerging regional coalition formed to oppose a U.S. war on Iraq." They are organizaing a march and rally on Sunday, February 16, 2003 in San Francisco.

Not In Our Name Project -
"Project was initiated at a meeting in New York City, on March 23, 2002...called for by a letter...that proposed ways to strengthen and expand resistance to the U.S. government's course in the wake of September 11, 2001.

Not In Our Name - SF Bay Area -

911 Peace Network -
San Francisco Town Hall Committee Against Hate and War, antiwar coalition formed in response to the U.S. war drive.

Guide to Anti-war websites -,12809,884056,00.html
From the UK's Guardian Unlimited website.

International A.N.S.W.E.R. -
"Act Now to Stop War and Racism" coalition. One of the organizers of the October 26 , 2002 National March on Washington, D.C. and joint action in San Francisco.

Iraq Aftermath: The Human Face of War -
A campaign of the American Friends Service Committee in response to the tragedies of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath.

Stop the War Coalition -
Coalition of United Kingdom antiwar groups. Site includes event announcements, photos of demonstrations, articles, and more.

United for Peace & Justice -
A "coalition of more than 650 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building."

U.S. Labor Against War -
"A network of unions and other labor groups opposed to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, to a foreign policy of unilateralism and preemptive military aggression, and the diversion of tax dollars from critical social needs to the military and its corporate contractors."

Alternative War News:

Holt Labor Library Links -
Links to 20 current news sources and 62 labor and left periodicals.

Venezuela Watch -
"This site covers the US-supported coup in Venezuela of April 2002, and news on the situation in Venezuela before and since from ZNet."

Al Jazeera -
English language website of the Qatar based satellite television network.

Antiwar.Com -
A libertarian "source for antiwar news, viewpoints and activities."

Electronic Iraq -
"a news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by ...Voices in the Wilderness and...the Electronic Intifada." Includes news, opinion , and background information.

Independent Media Center Library -
"U-C IMC Librarians have culled together links to alternative souces of information on terrorism and the attacks of September 11, 2001."

IndyMedia -
"collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage."

Iraq Body Count -
"project to establish an independent and comprehensive public database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly from military actions by the USA and its allies."

Michael Moore -
Intelligent commentary, biting satire, and excellent links.

Pacifica Radio -
Listen live to Pacifica stations, download in mp3 format or streaming audio Peacewatch, Democracy Now, and other shows.

Peace Now, Freedom Now -
"Clearinghouse for peace-related event announcements in the San Francisco Bay Area."

PeaceNet -
From IGC, "the U.S. member of the Association for Progressive Communications, a global partnership of computer networks that link activists around the world."

Protest Net -
A portal to antiwar protests around the world.

Secrecy News -
Federation of American Scientists project "works to challenge excessive government secrecy and to promote public oversight."

War in Iraq -
English language "project was created for providing timely and unbiased coverage of the war in Iraq...not dominated by corporate interests, national agendas or political ideologies."

War Times -
"War Times is being produced to help broaden and deepen the fight against the Bush program by compiling information and analysis, and putting them into the hands of large numbers of readers."

Background Information:

13 Myths -
Fully documented fact sheet exposing "13 Myths about the case for war in Iraq." Available in a variety of formats.

Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the US -
Links to maps and other general reference material, news sources from Afghanistan and Pakistan, and much more. From the University of California Library South Asia Resources.

Cost of War -
"running total of the amount of money spent by the US Government to finance the war in Iraq [and] different ways that we could have chosen to use the money" including schools, housing, health, and hunger.

Geneva Conventions -
Reference Guide from the Society of Professional Journalists

History of Afghanistan -
From the Marxists Internet Archive, the site includes a timeline, "Washington's Secret War Against Afghanistan," by Phillip Bonosky, and other materials.

Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II -
Selected chapters, including the chapter on Afghanistan, from the book by William Blum, as well as other essays by Blum.

National Priorities Project -
"Showing how federal tax and spending policies impact your community" and including a searchable database of "Military Recruits by High School, Zip Code, Community, State."

National Security Archives -
World's largest non governmental library of declassified documents.

Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower -
Selected chapters from the William Blum book by the same name.

Civil Liberties:

American Civil Liberties Union -
Includes information on current threats to civil liberties and "Ten Points Statement of Principles: In Defense of Freedom at a Time of Crisis."

Center for Democracy and Technology -
Organization "works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age." Site includes current legislative proposals, testimony, and analysis.

Electronic Frontier Foundation -
Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism page "attempts to convey the chilling effect that responses to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, have had on information availability on the Internet as well as some sense of the effect on people trying to provide this information.

National Lawyers Guild -
Includes an updated "Know Your Rights" pamphlet and other relevant information.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press -
"A daily chronicle of news in homeland security and military operations affecting newsgathering, access to information and the public's right to know."


Anti-War Posters -
Posters for download in Adobe PDF format. New posters constantly being added.

Anti War Posters -
Posters from England.

Another Poster for Peace -
Copyright-free antiwar posters from a "group of designers who are commited to the peaceful and just resolution of the current crises in the Middle East."

Design Action -
Downloadable posters, flyers, and artwork.

Inkworks Press -
No War Against Iraq windowsigns.

Steve Lyons Peace Posters -
Full color posters for download, including the one used here.

Wake the World -
Black and white "copyright free anti-war posters that you can print off and display in windows, on walls and at protest marches."

Photos, Audio, & Video:

IndyMedia -
Photographs from worldwide antiwar protests, plus audio and video.

Bay Area Not In Our Name-
Aerial photos of San Francisco's February 16, 2003 antiwar march and rally.

170 Photographs -
Photo from over 110 antiwar protests around the world on February 15/16, 2003.

Protests Around the World -
More photos from Feb. 15-16, 2003 antiwar protests.

Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace -
Photo collage of demonstrations around the globe.

BBC News -
"In pictures: world peace protests."

Iraqi War Song (or I think I'm Smellin' a Rat Rag) -
Click on photo on left side of screen for audio. Lyrics by Country Joe McDonald and Len Horowitz, performed by Country Bumpkin and the Hogs.

San Francisco Peace Rally -
Photos from Sept. 27, 2001, Oct 7, 2001, and April 20, 2002 demonstrations. From website by KimberLeigh Schartz.

Afghan War -
Photos from individual photographers, wire services, and television.

Alternative Views on the September 11th Atrocities -
"Streaming video featuring America's leading dissident thinkers and activists."

Youth & the Military:

Campus Antiwar Network -
"an independent, democratic, grassroots network of campus-based anti-war committees."

Youth & Militarism -
Rights and alternative options to military enlistment, from the American Friends Service Committee.

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Middle East

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The Holt Labor Library collection includes many more related materials. Please refer to our Online Catalog for additional titles.

The Holt Labor Library provides these links for your convenience. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate, the Holt Labor Library makes no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information on these sites, and is not liable for any inaccuracy, error, or omission, regardless of cause.

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