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Asher Harer

~ from the archives of the Holt Labor Library ~


"24-Hour City Hall Picketing." San Francisco Examiner, June 6, 1964.

"...the scene outside included a good deal of emotional yelling before Judge Ames agreed to allow spectators into the courtroom. The loudest of all was Asher Harer, whose daughter was on trial. When the police refused to allow him to visit the courtroom, he refused to leave the City Hall lobby. After the judge's ruling, he joined the spectators in the courtroom."

Letter from John Hulett, Chairman of the Lowndes County Freedom Organization (AKA the Black Panther Party)--the envelope is postmarked July 16, 1966. LCFO had recently been formed with the assistance of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to run candidates.

Asher, former Bay Area executive secretary of Fair Play for Cuba, chaired this event sponsored by The National Guardian (year unknown).

In 1991 Asher and Ruth were honored by the Venceremos Brigade for their long standing defense of the Cuban Revolution.

Asher contributed the essay, "The Expert" to The Waterfront Writers: The Literature of Work (Harper & Row, 1979).

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